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I did a day on Film and Theology at Bristol Centre for Youth Ministry. Here are the notes.

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Quality Street Jesus

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quality street jesus, originally uploaded by jonnybaker.

How cool is this! Jonny Baker found a Jesus made from quality street wrappers on the holy table in a church in birmingham… theologically reflect on that!

Free Theology Class has a great intro to theology course that you can download for FREE. You can also get a very detailed PowerPoint and class notes, it really is a great course for anyone who wants an intro to the basics of theology, it also has a great class on Postmodern Epistemology and Does God Still Speak Today? Very well presented even if you don’t necessarily agree with the conclusions. From listening to this class on MP3 going to and from work I have gained a wider understanding of the different viewpoints in Christianity as well as understanding, for example, the Orthodox Church.

Re-reading a part in Mark Driscoll’s book: Confessions of a Reformission Rev.: Hard Lessons from an Emerging Missional Church that really struck me in regards to Christology. He highlights that church tend to focus on one aspect of the character of Christ.

• He states that in mainline liberal churches, presented marginalized Galilean peasant.
• In the more mainstream evangelical churches, Jesus was presented as a buddy Christ

The danger being that we focus on one at the cost of the other. Jesus was the suffering servant who ate with sinners and was crucified, but he is also the risen victorious King of Kings who will judge the living and the dead.

How do we get this balance is our church and ministry? How do we reflect the incarnational and the victorious…?