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The idea stemmed from the concept of bad education, how children tend to be vocationally trained rather than imbued with the wonder of learning.

This is a really interesting short animation about education, my friend who is a bit of a film buff set up a short film night at the Chagford Art Festival this summer, it was projected on the side of a van outside Blacks cafe…very cool. Brand Spanking was one of the shorts that he showed and it really made an impact on me.


The first day of a new term and the local school reopens with a flourish of ribbons and some swanky new equipment all paid for by three generous companies. Everything seems wonderful, swanky new equipment for the pupils, even the teachers can take it easy with their lesson plans all taken care of. But do these companies have the best interests of the schoolchildren deep within their hearts? One boy suspects this is not all philanthropic gesture.

This would be a great short to watch with a young people to talk about education, advertising etc.


TallSkinnyKiwi has a really interesting post The WiFi Enabled Church, posts like this really get me thinking about so many possibilities for church and ministry, so many tools, so many possibilities. The problem being that having these tools is fine for churches and communities that have the £, $, €. But what about churches in poor communities, can wifi be a realistic possibility when no one has the tec to connect and take advantage of the possibilities? Or maybe these churches should provide the tec so that there communities can access the church from an education point of view and start to bridge the tec gap…