I’m running a meeting this week where I’v asked all people involved in children’s work to get together. I initially want to take the ‘temperature’ of that area of the church so I know what my next step will be.

I decided to put together a more creative way of getting to find out what people really feel about the ministry. So I am using several models/ideas and mashing them all up.

The main aim of the meeting is to find out what the volunteers see of the overall ‘win’ of the ministry. This idea of finding the win is from the book Seven Practices of Effective Ministry.

Once we have worked out the ‘Win’ of the children’s ministry, we’ll then think through a SWOT analysis of the ministry. I’ll do the SWOT analysis by getting the group into twos around tables with maybe a bowl of sweets or cake, to try to get a relaxed feeling. I will also give each table a card from myCreative Whack Pack, these cards (from Roger VonOech) try to stimulate creativity by asking crazy questions of an idea like ‘What would a 6-year-old think of this’. Some people may not find this helpful, some may. The table idea from The World Cafe model. I will have a print out with other SWOT analysis pointers mindmap style like this:

  • Internal Strengths that help us meet our goal
    • What would the church & community say are our strengths?
    • What needs are we meeting in the church & community?
    • What assets do we possess? (financial, property, key relationships, or maybe just awesome people)?
    • We are incredible at…

The hoped outcome will be a clear idea what Win looks like in the children’s ministry with a few glaring things in each of the SWOT analysis categories that can be celebrated (SO) and addressed (WT) to make the Win happen each week.

So overall i’m using the some of The World Cafe philosophy with SWOT, mindmaps and Whack on the side of the head.

Lets see if it works