I had a group of young people ask me to do a sleep over during holy week (they have had one the last few years). I said sure- sounds like a good plan….i’ll help you sort it out if you want! There was a slight puzzled look and one of the young people said that it was my job to sort it out not theirs. I responded by saying ‘is that really my job’?

And there is the question. How much do we really need or should do for young people. Empowerment is the key word here, if we continue to do everything for young people then eventually we get burned out, young people learn nothing and we became little more than providers of spiritual entertainment

On the other hand, how much do we do ourselves? Because if we never do anything…well, what do we get paid for! Maybe our ministry should always be working with young people to enable them to be empowered to run the youth ministry themselves…. brilliant! Scary!

– Should we plan, or always plan with young people?
– Should we run bible studies or help young people run them?
– How about ‘evangelism’, street work, schools work?

Interesting, the young people, with the help of a volunteer leader, got together last week and worked out loads of the sleep over…without my help!