There is a post over at Rethinking Youth Ministry about the The Blasphemy Challenge that “Basically, this is a group of atheists, led by a thirty-year-old…, that challenges individuals, specifically youth, to deny, on camera, God, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit…”

I found it really interesting to watch the news reports on The Blasphemy Challenge website. I think that the interviewer on Fox (who irritated me a lot more then the atheist), was just trying to argue for Christendom values and not for Christ. I think that this is what people are afraid off, people want nice ‘Christian’ young people who will uphold societies Christendom statuesque, not swear, not do drugs and be ‘nice’ because Jesus was ‘nice’. And atheism threatens the ‘nice’ statuesque. Yet Christendom is not the radical good news of liberation and wholeness through Christ. Christendom is political (Constantine), empire and oppressive. The Blasphemy Challenge is just attacking Christendom, which in the US is on its way out (The Blasphemy Challenge is one of many signs of this) and in Europe is almost dead and buried, and good ridderns, the sooner the last nail is hammered into Christendom’s coffin the sooner the Good News of Christ can break through. Christendom has done 10 fold more damage for the Good News of Christ then atheism could ever have done (look at the church in China under a atheistic oppressive regime compared to the church in Europe under Christendom).

The Blasphemy Challenge, are targeting teenagers just like we do, we know that we can manipulate teenagers, and we do, thinking that we are doing it for their own good… yet so are the people at The Blasphemy Challenge. Maybe we just see our own techniques mirrored in the techniques The Blasphemy Challenge and we don’t like what we see.

Lets not let this be yet another Christian crusade to stamp out the unclean atheists, but let us use this to enter into some thought-out intelligent rational dialogue, lets listen and listen some more, accepting that maybe God can speak to the church through the concerns of atheists instead of us just giving more fuel to their fire (like death threats).