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I like this photo essay by Steve Collins called urban church.


I was reading this article in the Guardian Newspaper today. The Archbishop of York ,
John Sentamu, I have always admired since hearing about his peace vigil back in August 2006, I wanted to go and join him in his vigil but never did 😦

Anyway, his collar cutting was as protect against the Zimbabwe president Mugabe. The Archbishop said that Mugabe “destroyed the identities” of his people through oppression and economic mismanagement. “As an Anglican this is what I wear to identify myself, that I’m a clergyman.” “Do you know what Mugabe has done? He’s taken people’s identity and literally, if you don’t mind, cut it to pieces. This is what he’s actually done to a lot of (people) – and in the end there’s nothing. So, as far as I’m concerned, from now on I’m not going to wear a dog collar until Mugabe is gone.”

Sentamu urged those who were moved by his gesture to “pray, march, protest and collect money” for Zimbabwe and Darfur – where charities say hundreds of thousands of people are facing starvation.

What a guy, just think how powerful it would be if Christians took issues such as Zimbabwe as much as Sentamu. I recently heard an interview with Brian McLaren talking about his new book Everything Must Change. He made the point that with Christianity being the largest world faith, if Christians took environmental issues (for example) to heart we really could make a dramatic change and truly this world a better place. Unfortunately, it seems to me, that Christians just seem to get into a fuss about issues are just non-issues outside the church.

What Would Jesus Buy? What a great question to ask ourselves and help young people to ask as well. I think it raises so many questions about power, trade, and ultimately…us, the consumes.

Its interesting that the makers have chosen to use the gimmick of WWJD and a church minister. Why the religious imagery to get across a social message, is it just the Christmas thing or is it that really we, the church, should be asking these questions and we are not? Just a thought.

I like the look of this film, will have to ‘buy’ it!

The Nick & Josh Podcast

I’v got into the The Nick & Josh Podcast recently, I really enjoyed their interview with Doug Pagitt (here) and Pete Rollins (here).

1 in 4 don’t count their fathers as immediate family

Almost all would prefer to talk to their friends face-to-face rather than online.

Newsround, the BBC’s children’s news programme, celebrates 35 years of broadcasting with a survey on lives of children. They surveyed 1,000 boys and girls aged 6-12 years around Britain face to face in their homes. This gives a snapshot of the young people that youth workers and the church are going to start and are already working with over the next few years.


The idea stemmed from the concept of bad education, how children tend to be vocationally trained rather than imbued with the wonder of learning.

This is a really interesting short animation about education, my friend who is a bit of a film buff set up a short film night at the Chagford Art Festival this summer, it was projected on the side of a van outside Blacks cafe…very cool. Brand Spanking was one of the shorts that he showed and it really made an impact on me.


The first day of a new term and the local school reopens with a flourish of ribbons and some swanky new equipment all paid for by three generous companies. Everything seems wonderful, swanky new equipment for the pupils, even the teachers can take it easy with their lesson plans all taken care of. But do these companies have the best interests of the schoolchildren deep within their hearts? One boy suspects this is not all philanthropic gesture.

This would be a great short to watch with a young people to talk about education, advertising etc.

This is a film that I (would have liked the young people to have done it ) put together . It was a trip that On the Edge did to Mount Hawke Skate/Ride park just outside Newquey in Cornwall (UK).

Our next trip will hopefully be to Bristol to have a look at the skate/ride parks there.

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First Year Out: Narrated by the guys himself who spent 16 years in prison (from when he was in high school) after being wrongly convicted of rape and murder.


mission is….

I have fallen in love… with a t-shirt co. in the US. A friend of mine at college told me about them. They are called Threadless, and there stuff is so cool cus its…

A collection of shirts submitted and rated by the public.”

So I put in an order for 3, hopefully they will get through customs OK! These are the them: