Relevant has an interesting article here by Doug Pagitt (Church Re-imagined: The Spiritual Formation of People in Communities of Faith (Emergentys) , Preaching Re-imagined: The Role of the Sermon in Communities of Faith (Emergent YS),Bodyprayer: The Posture of Intimacy with God) of Solomons Porch church regarding a ‘list of tendencies, passions and perspectives of churches that call themselves emerging’. The headings are:

• Emerging Churches strive to be positive about the future.
• Churches within the emerging community are committed to God in the way of Jesus.
• The Kingdom of God is a central conversation in emerging communities.
• The emerging church values communal life – living like family.
• Emerging churches seek to live as missional communities.
• Friendship and hospitality are transformational pieces in the emerging church.
• Communities in the emerging movement value theology.